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What is Waste And Why Is Recycling Important?

At Waste Matters, we offer specialist services to help our clients throughout the UK with the management of their waste.  

Businesses and organisations produce large volumes of waste, yet managing that was in an efficient and legal manner can often prove to be problematic, as business owners can hardly afford to devote all their time to the process of waste management.

Indeed, there can be misconceptions about which types of waste fall into which category of waste.  Di you know, for example, that fluorescent lights are categorised as hazardous waste and must not be disposed of amongst general waste.

The services we offer across the UK aim to offer our clients in the commercial, public and industrial sector the expert advice and services they need to ensure all of their waste is dealt with legally and efficiently.

What is waste?

Waste is a broad term, and covers all materials for which a someone has no practicable use.  From empty cardboard pizza packaging to waste oil and used needles in health centres, waste can take many forms.  We’re all familiar with the idea of waste, but the best way to dispose of it is not always clear.

There are many types of waste which are not reusable.  Hazardous waste types such as clinical waste would fall into this category.  However many types of ‘waste’ are reusable and in this sense they are not really waste at all.  used metal cans and glass bottles can be recycled to create more cans and bottles and so rather than being just waste these materials have value.

As society strives to reduce the negative environmental impact of its wast, the distinction between waste and materials which can be recovered or recycled has become more important.  The pressure is on businesses and organisations to become more sustainable, and this involves working to recycle waste rather than simply dump it in landfill sites.  In this environment, businesses often look to turn to experts to help them meet these expectations, and at Waste Matters we work to help our clients achieve cost-effective and environmentally-friendly waste management solutions.

Why is recycling important?

Recycling and a lack of recycling, have important implications fro the environment.  Landfill sites can blight landscapes and destroy natural habitats, so anything we can do to recude their necessity has beneficial consequences for the environment.  UK regulations have changed to require Scottish businesses to separately store their recyclable waste, a development which is set to be mirrored across England and Wales from 2015.

yet in addition to environmental benefit and legal compliance, recycling can help your business achieve great savings.  Recycling waste means that waste is not set to landfill,and this means that the landfill tax your business incurs is lowered.  The less waste you can send to landfill, the less tax you pay on the disposal of that waste.  So, from a financial sense, recyclign makes sense to businesses and organisations across the UK.

If you would like to know more about the professional waste management services we offer across the UK, just call our team of experts today.  We can talk you through the solutions we provide and offer you a free, no-obligation quotation on the services we provide.

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