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Types of Waste

There are many types of waste, all of which are subject to specific regulations which govern how it must be stored and disposed of.  Unless businesses have an in depth understanding of UK waste law, the variety of different regulations attached to the management of waste can cause problems.

At Waste Matters, we are experts in the commercial waste industry.  With years of experience, our regional teams can provide you with the specialist services needed to identify different waste types and make absolutely sure that they are managed, stored, collected and disposed of in full compliance with relevant waste regulations across the UK.

The identification and separation of waste

The very first thing we do for our clients is provide them with a comprehensive waste audit – detailing the types and quantities of waste they produce.  This is a vital first step to ensuring that all waste is correctly separated and stored, ensuring that the management of waste on site complies full with waste regulation.

Without expert guidance, businesses can easily mix waste types which must not be mixed.  This can leave many businesses in a situation where they are unwittingly putting themselves at risk of prosecution for illegal waste management and disposal.  Penalties for such as offence can involve unlimited fines and, in the most serious cases, a custodial sentence. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses manage their waste with the help of experienced experts who can help them avoid the dangerous pitfalls which others may fall into.

At Waste Matters, we can provide you with a step by step process to ensure you deal with your waste legally and efficiently.  This involves:

  • A comprehensive waste audit
  • Expert guidance on the efficient separation of waste
  • The provision of quality bins and container to ensure waste is safely and separately stored
  • Collection of wast by as part of our fully-licensed service
  • Recycling or disposal of waste as appropriate
  • Handling of the paperwork you need to prove you have disposed of you waste via a fully-licensed service

All types of waste

The services we provide can help you deal with all types of commercial waste in all quantities.  We offer bespoke services to ensure the specific requirements of each of our clients is met, enabling them to have complete confidence in the waste management services they are receiving.

So whether you need to dispose of clinical waste, feminine hygiene waste, general waste or recyclable materials, we can offer the solutions you business needs.  Just call us today for a free quotation on the professional services we can offer to you.


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