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Privacy policywaste matters recognises the importance of your data and its security. Accordingly, please note that in using this service you acknowledge and agree that personal data you disclose via registration (name, job title, email address, organisation, relevant experience etc) will be retained for our use in connection with the facilities and services offered to users of this site and for the Environment Agency to collect information from and contact such users in relation to other services that it offers or may offer in the future. We may in future also share this information with other companies under common control with the Environment Agency who will adhere to similar policies in relation to data use as set out in this privacy statement.

More specifically,

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Please note that the personal data of a registered user (name, job title, organisation, background information and email address) and other registration data (challenge and point of origin categories and maximum questions per week) cannot be modified by other users as it requires the use of a unique username and password that is chosen by each user when completing the initial registration process.

To ensure that we are only using accurate information, please ensure you keep your details up to date – you may update or modify your personal information at any time by clicking on ‘Registration’ and choosing the amend registration details option. You will need to input your personal username and password to do this.

waste mattersy has notified its collection and use of personal data under the Data Protection Act.

This policy may change from time to time so please check back periodically. Registered users will be notified of any changes to this policy via the email address provided in their registration details.

If you do not wish us to use your contact details for the purposes of sending you surveys, news and other information and other items in which

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